Sonntag, 30. April 2017

Radio Brotbeutel Extra April 2017

Gene Marshall - The Didgeridoo (Viola P. Dickerson)
Bobbi Boyle - The Fruit Of Self Control (Alice Wilson)
Charles Clark - Common Less Sure (James Wilson, Jr.)
Buddy Raye - Ten O'Clock Is Boogie Time (Hycienth Ideozu)
Buddy Raye - 1040 Coal (Cecil Temple)
Michelle Wood - For You With Love (Jo B. Comberiate)
Buddy Raye - Gymnasium Girl (Melody Cy)
Buddy Raye - Lucy (Marilou Fears)
Michelle Wood - Music Of Today (Pat Gregory)
John Muir - I'm Tootin' God's Horn (Raymond Van Munster)
Buddy Raye - We Have The Right Man In The White House (Joe Walsh)
no artist named - Love Song Of '74 (H.D. Simpson)
Rod Keith & The Raindrops - The Merry-Go-Down (Ray Bon Giorno)
Michelle Wood - Yes, I Will (Lenard Walcott)
Dick Kent - I'm Pushing For Love (William Scarborough)
Kay Weaver - Shake (Frelesta Lambert)
Rodd Rogers - Mary's Launderette (Mary Neimy)
Rod Rogers & The Swinging Strings - Sing Your Address (Jack Garrett-Rod Rogers)
Maggie Morgan, music by Sandy Stanton & His Fable Record Stars - Sugar Blues (Maggie Morgan (?))
Linda Lane - You Left Me For A Three (Martha Mercer)

Rod Rogers & The Swinging Strings - Big Weekend (Jack Garrett-Rod Rogers)
Clear Vision - A Little Morning Rain (Enza Cooper)
Kay Weaver - Hell Express (Cracked Eyes)
Rodd Keith - Los Angeles City Lights (Kenny Kelly)
Kay Weaver - Watch It (Jessie Lee Tuft)
Nervous Norvus & His King-Sized Uke - The Bully Bully Man (Jimmy Drake)
Norris The Troubadour Seaboard Coastliners - Tom Dooley Last Will And Testament (unknown)
Larry London - Marinella (Pope Brann)
Larry London - I Love New York (Pope Brann)
Dick Kent with The Lancelots - Hot Pants And Leather Boots That Shine (Irene G. Winzer)
Dick Kent with The Lancelots - Mexican Gold (Marina Wilson)
Harold Duncan - Be American (unknown)
Neda Carr and Rod Rogers - Double Talk My Buddy (unknown)
Rod Rogers - Let's Share A Prayer (unknown)
Gene Marshall - President Richard Nixon (John Montague)
Gene Marshall - Richard Nixon In 76 (unknown)
Gene Marshall - Hail The Chief (unknown)
Gene Marshall - In Old Charlie Company (unknown)
Gene Marshall - The Story Of William Calley (unknown)
The Paris Sisters, with Jimmy Diamond & His Sparking Music - The Bully Bully Man (Jimmy Drake)

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