Sonntag, 6. April 2014

April 2014

Playlist 22.00-23.00 Uhr:
Off-day - punk rock/fast
King's Road clash - angry, rebellious guitar attack
Get out - obnoxious and volatile, male vocals
From the streets - raw, energetic new wave
Hate the state - neurotic, wired-up punk
Oi! Turn it up! - aggressive Oi anthem for the kids, male vocals
Slamhead - driving headbanger/fast
Vindictive - the spirit of '77, features sax
I'm bored - nihilistic, rebellious early U.S. punk, male vocals
Rough rock - grunge metal/medium
Dead man - hey! ho! let's go! 100 mph punk rock!
Girl I know - energetic new wave, male vocals
Plastic bag - fast and frenetic, features sax
The cursed - bulletproof brashness
News today - time for change, political attitude with male vocals
No apology - hard alternative funk/fast
Stuff the jubilee - anti-establishment anthem
Where did I go wrong - young and sweaty punk, male vocals
Hard spikes - alternative rock/fast
Anti-everything - frenetic punk explosion
Shadow on my door - love and romance - who needs it! male vocals
Rock du jour - punk rock/fast
Raw force - strongly athmospheric/medium

Playlist 23.00-24.00 Uhr:
Strange place - raw, serious new wave, male vocals
In the gutter - raw, grunge
Smash zone - punk rock/fast
Stinkin' Harry - working class punks havin' a laugh, male vocals
F-rock - industrial, heavy
Rulebreaker - grunge rock/fast
Heartbreaker - angry love song with male vocals
Strange fruit - weird, female vox
Heartspeak - alternative rock/medium
I don't like it - the sound of the suburbs, youthful anger
Cold turkey - harsh, stark, athmospheric
Rip off - spontaneous excitement, features sax
No future - gritty anthem for the blank generation
Live dangerously - fast, electric guitar
Misfits - speed filled energy
Behaviour problem - provocative shock tactics
Complete chaos - chaotic thrash with punky reggae middle section
Wasted youth - modern american punk
You kill me - buzzing on snakebite!
Sour mash - contemporary, country-folk band
Space rock - techno rock/medium fast