Sonntag, 31. Juli 2016

Radio Brotbeutel Extra Juli 2016

[Various: Introduction 1]
The Beatles: Mach Schau (Seite 1) (1996)
The Carefrees: We Love You Beatles (1964)
[Beatle Hysteria in the USA]
The Four Preps: Letter to the Beatles (1964)
[Various: Exotic bits 1]
The Bootles: I'll Let You Hold My Hand (1964)
[John Peel, John Lennon, Kenny Everett, Malcolm McDowell u. a.: Nostalgia]
Dorie Peyton: Ringo Boy (1964)
[Various: Exotic bits 2]
Donna Lynn: My Boyfriend Got a Beatle Haircut (1964)
[John with Paul, George & Ringo on Swedish TV]

Bonnie Jo Mason (Cher): Ringo, I Love You (1964)
[Various: We Love You Beatles]
[John Lennon and Kenny Everett: Desert Island Discs]
Irvin's 89 Key Marenghi Fairground Organ: Help! (1999)
[The Beatles on The Mike & Bernie Winters' Show]
The 52 Key Verbeek Fairground Organ: Yesterday (1994)
[Peter Sellers Talks With The Beatles]
[Klaus Beyer, John Cafiero, Marky Ramone: Venerate]
The 52 Key Verbeek Fairground Organ: And I Love Her/In My Life/All My Loving (1993)
[Michael Mills speaks of the Evil of Hidden Satanic Messages & Numbers]
Volker Rosin: Volkers lustiger Musikverein (Sergeant Pepper's Lonely heards club band) (1984)
[Piano Decrescendo (from A Day in the Life) (1967)]
Klaus Beyer: Endlosrille der Sgt. Pepper LP (1995)
[Sgt. Pepper hidden track (1967)]

[Various: Introduction 2]
The Beatles: Mach Schau (Seite 2) (1996)
[Bob Dylan on Liverpool, The Mersey & Bob Wooler]

Rainbo (Sissy Spacek): John, You Went Too Far This Time (1964)
Dick Lord: Like Ringo (1965)
[Various: Exotic bits 4]
Allan Sherman: Pop Hates the Beatles (1964)
[Bob Dylan on Hello, Goodbye]
The Hi-Riders: Stamp Out The Beatles (1964)
[Various: Exotic bits 3]
Wild Man Fischer: I'm the Meany (1977)
[Various: Die Beatles an der Elbe (1984)]
Klaus Beyer: Hauptmann Pepper (Scheiße-Version) (1995)
[Beatles Dialogue from the film "Let It Be" (1969)]
Klaus Beyer: Julia (Scheiße-Version) (1995)
[John Lennon on Apple (interview 1969)]
Brian Sewell: Her Majesty (1993)
[Dave Fox asks Is Paul Dead]
Brian Sewell: Give Peace a Chance (o.J.)
[Thanks And Goodbyes From Paul, George, Ringo and John]