Sonntag, 29. November 2015

Radio Brotbeutel Extra November 2015

Playlist 22.00-23.00 Uhr
Norris The Troubadour - Yamtang Yamtang Rankytang (No Meat Sweet Potato Swing) (Mayhams)
Norris The Troubadour Collegians, vocal by Norris & The Collegians - The Wall Street Daily Cry (The Seaboard The Southern Or The A.C.L.) (Mayhams)
Cara Stewart with Lee Hudson Orch. - Any Dance, Any Dance (Stelzer-Perky-Latkovich)
Dick Kent - Christopher Columbus And The Compass (Chester T. Finley)
The Real Pros - Deep Freeze Mama (Alberta F. Lancaster)
Jimmie James - Free Love For Sale (Russ Kopasz)
Tony Rogers - Her Name's On My Locket (William Dibble)
no artist named - I Am Going To Where Jesus Is (Addie Cochran)
Gary Roberts - Keep Those Hopes Up (Mary McBride & Lew Tobin)
Jack Kim - Lady Off Pedestal At Notre Dame (Dolly-O Curran)
Bob Storm - Let's Lay It On The Line (Frank L. Tucker-Ted Rosen)
Gene Marshall - Life And Myself (John Shaloub)
no artist named - Life Is A Flame (Barbara E. Trescott)
The Real Pros - I'm Having My First Heartbreak (Randy Johnson)
Dick Kent - Never Seen A Thing (William Siemers)
Erica Campbell - Remember Me (Darling) (Fanny Fantin)
Chuck Jones & The Links - Sputnik Hit The Moon (Roberts-Lee)
Bonnie Haven - Total Woman (Marguerite)
Jim Wheeler - What I Like (R. Bowen)

Playlist 23.00-24.00 Uhr
Jimmie James - Mini Girl Song (Russ Kopasz)
Liza Evans - Yea, That's Me! (Bev Blackwell)
Dick Kent - Your Body's Makin' Eyes At Me (Ray Harris)
Prof. Marcell Collegians - The A.C.L. And The S.A.L. (Norridge)
Prof. Marcell Collegians - Be No Fool-Play It Cool-Stay In School (Mayhams-Klibanaw)
The Melodiers - Barbra (Thadeus Jones)
Lew Tobin's Orchestra, vocal Norm Burns - Darling, Don't Put Your Hand On Me (John O'Conner & Lew Tobin)
Dick Kent - George's Song (George Herman Coppage Jubilate)
Rod Keith - Get Down And Wiggle It A Little (James O. Middleton)
Dick Rogers - I Understand Him (Willie F. James)
John Fulker - An Unpredictable Girl Like Julia (R. Holder)
Bobbi Blake - I Got A Record (Margaret Flenory)
Bob Gerard - Joedy Is A Wise Guy (White-Dienna)
Jerry Britton & The Downtowners - Lazy Old River (Al Doherty)
Dick Rogers - I Wouldn't Hide The Moulding Rock (Willie F. James)
Cara Stewart with Lee Hudson Orchestra - Mr. Memory (F. Leinweber-A. Korb)
W.L. Horning - Rockin & Rollin (W.L. Horning)
Bobbi Blake - Sometime Somewhere (Lillian Taylor)
Dick Kent - Unlock My Chains (Stanley Jones)
Jim Hall & The Radio Pals - Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Potassium (Lolla Mont Gue)

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