Sonntag, 30. August 2015

Radio Brotbeutel Extra August 2015

Playlist 22.00-23.00 Uhr
The Real Pros - In Love With Elvis (writer unknown)
Rodd Keith - The Ballad Of Juan Rio (Juanito deDenny)
The Silhouettes - I'll Follow (Ladd Anthony Sutherland)
The Sisterhood - During Evening (Thomas Guygax, Sr.)
"Linda Lane" - A New Kind Of Letter (Dale Maddox)
Allen Scott - Bopping In Flip Flops (Margrett Eddleman)
Allen Scott - A Corner Of Your Heart (Fern Lindblad)
Matt Vincent - Sky Diver's Lament (Alvin W. Finks)
Linda Lane - Tribute To America (Michael Grant)
Norris The Troubadour, Seaboard Coastliners - Midwifery (Norman Casserly) (1949 version) (Mayhams)
Norris The Troubadour, Seaboard Coastliners - Midwifery (Norman Casserly) (1975 version) (Mayhams)
Billy Grey - Let's Really Rock (Jim Gross)
Bob Gerard - Snow Man (Randall-Dienna)
Ben Tate - Betty-Sue (Kittie Emery)
Norman Burns - Checker's Blues (Raymond Eavenson, Jr.-Lew Tobin)
Keith Sargent - What's In A Mind? (Amanda Cooper)
Norris The Troubador Seaboard Coastliners - The Wall Street Daily Cry (Norridge B. Mayhams)
Rodd Keith - Gloria (Douglas H. Tindall)
Kay Weaver - Junkies And Monkeys (James I. Yates, II)
Kay Weaver - Is It The End? (Charles Potter)
Ralph Lowe - The Crime Shows (Anne Collins)
Norris The Troubadour, Seaboard Coastliners - Midwifery ("Midwiffery" version) (Mayhams)

Playlist 23.00-24.00 Uhr
Rod Keith - Put A Little Love (Barrett-Bray)
Rod Keith - Whisper To Me (Barrett-Bray)
unknown male artist - Put A Little Love (Elizabeth Bray)
unknown female artist - Rock Me Slow (Elizabeth Bray)
Gene Marshall - We Are The Men Counting Sheep (Joshua Watson)
Kay Weaver - Wish I Could Shoot A Gun (Juanita Young Felker)
Kay Weaver - Ripoff U.S.A. (Dan Moon)
Ralph Lowe - An Old Man's Life (Gary M. Gaston)
Ralph Lowe - Becky (Charlotte Fiore)
Ralph Lowe - Joe Goes Disco (Nicholson Pierre)
Kay Weaver - Sleep On (Dasha Toth)
Ralph Lowe - Grow Up And Go Away (Willie Bostick)
Therese Playboys, vocal by [Singing] Sammy Marshall - Jingle Mint Twist (Brandes-Norris)
Bobbi Blake - Four And Twenty Big Black Crows (Chester T. Finley)
Cathy Mills - Monster Hop (Gregory-Dienna)
Rod Rogers [presumably] - It's Shindig (unknown)
Rod Rogers [presumably] - Beatle Boys (unknown)
Bonnie Graham - I Just Knew In My Heart (Grace Brainerd)
The Sophamores - Mama Wears The Pants (Mary Frances Odle)
Gene Marshall - Dig, Dig, Girl (Mary Frances Odle)
Charles Vickers - Come On, Baby (Valenti-Philipp)
Norris The Troubadour Collegians, vocal by Norris - Mary Ann McCarthy (She Went Out To Dig Some Clams) (Yes She Went To All The Parties) (Mayhams)

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