Sonntag, 31. Mai 2015

Radio Brotbeutel Extra Mai 2015

Playlist 22.00-23.00 Uhr
Ralph Lowe - The Lottery Freak (Iva Jasper)
Lee Scott - Moonlight Rocket From The U.S.A. (J.A. Boles)
Kay Weaver - The Girl With High Hopes (Earnest L. Boykins)
Ralph Lowe - One Little Son, Then Another (Joseph Secor)
Ralph Lowe - Loneliness (Jeffrey Carsey)
Lee Scott - Strange Cold Feeling (Thomas J. Bardi)
Ralph Lowe - Pretty Girl With The Natural Look (Joe Davis)
Ralph Lowe - Lay It On Me Slow (Howard A. Baldauf)
Lee Scott - The Red Skidoo (Myrtle Moorhouse)
Ralph Lowe - Oh Baby (You Thrill Me) (Patrick Seet Chiew Kim)
Lee Scott - Generation Gap (Allegra Pope)
Ralph Lowe - Harold, The Drag Strip Streaker (John R. Jones)
The Sisterhood - Yonder (Thomas Guygax)
Ralph Lowe - Don't Come Crawling (Goldie Hood)
Ralph Lowe - Funk With Us (Lisco Simmons)
Ralph Lowe - Drive And Live (Sarah Belle Conley)
Ralph Lowe - Stop In And Howdy With Me (Norma J. Robinson)
Ralph Lowe - Munchikins (Harold Drake)
Ralph Lowe - The King Lives On (Mrs. Jimmie Dial)
Ralph Lowe - Las Vegas (Sally Potter)
Ralph Lowe - Shall We Not Forget The Times Of Our Lives (Beatrice Westover)

Playlist 23.00-24.00 Uhr
Ralph Lowe - Stars Love (Wanda Niec)
Kay Weaver - Watermelon Man (Elmer Pereira)
Kay Weaver - Strip Mining Blues (Millard Branam)
Kay Weaver - The Chosen One (Gertrude W. Bravender)
Kay Weaver - Old McDonald #1 (Aron Davis)
Sy - Toot D-K-O (Joseph Piccoli)
Sonny Marshall - South Bend, Indiana (Dolly O. Curran)
Rodd Keith - Like The Lord Said (Henderson-Brooks)
Billy Grey - What Love Is All About (Rosemary Karshis)
Kay Lastima - Furdee (Emil H. Roessler & Marcia J. Roessler)
Bobbi Blake - My Husband, Lover, Friend (Mary Bolton)
Bobby Swanson & His Sonics - Rockin' Little Eskimo (Officer Mactavish)
Dick Kent - Common Sense Of LOVE (Michael Kasberg)
The Downtowners - Baby, I'll Give It To You (Christopher Perry)
Gene Marshall - Scat Car Scat (Joe Gallucci)
Gene Marshall - The Amazing Helicopters (Chick Sandone)
John Fulker - She Knows How To Do The Doo Dee Do (Raymond N. Moore, Sr.)
Mary Kaye - I Don't Want A Bracelet Or Diamonds, I Just Want Elvis Instead (Chaw Mank-Elsie Childers)
Mel Moore - Speed (Ernie Lee Held & Lew Tobin)
Norm Burns - Our Thanksgiving Blessings Are Great (Shirley & Lew Tobin)

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