Sonntag, 29. März 2015

Radio Brotbeutel Extra März 2015

Playlist 22.00-23.00 Uhr:
Bobbi Blake - The Yo-Yo (Ruth J. McMahan)
Rodd Keith - Don't Look Back Babe (Richard Barshinger)
Jim Wheeler with the "Swinging Strings" - Go-Go Girl (Joe Riemer-Ace Simpson)
Gary Roberts & The Satellites - You Need Time (Hunter Williams & Lew Tobin)
The Tune-Timers - Mental Letter (Melvin L. Calloway)
Dick Kent - On Blackness (Victor Gadsden)
Bobbi Blake - Too Many Babies (Ila M. Pollock)
Joe Stanton - A Has-Been (Albert Maddox)
no artist named - Daddy Don't You Love Us Anymore (Bobby W. Cook)
no artist named - The Birth Of Spring (Madelene Johnson)
no artist named - Jesus The King Of The Jews (Ubert Harding)
no artist named - The King (Vincent Lewis, Jr.)
no artist named - My Glory Ladder (Lillian E. Hermann)
Gene Marshall - This World Was Planned (Willie T. Hayes Jr.)
no artist named - Temptations And Desires (Rose Kubistol)
no artist named - It's Not The World It's What's In The World (Elzia Allmon)
Gary Roberts - What I Am, You Know (Ernest Pittman & Lew Tobin)
Rodd Keith - The Watchin' Man (Hathaway-Pitts)
Gene Marshall - Crazy House Twist (William Bridges)
Bill Joy - Livin' In Sin (Valence Nichols)

Playlist 23.00-24.00 Uhr:
Dick Kent - Pucker Up (Jim Liebhart)
Gene Marshall - Love Can Strike You In The Strangest Places (Grace Brainerd)
Karen Kimberly & the "Big Action Sound" - Heart Break Of Love (Al Monday-Karen Kimberly)
Gene Marshall - Doing The Wagon-Na-Gal (V.C. Childs)
Milford Perkins - The Vacant House (Alma Simpson-Gene Brooks)
Bobbi Blake - Shadrach, Meshcak And Abednego (Hilda)
Norman Burns - Blue Atoms (Vivian W. Page)
Dick Kent - Mind Of Mine (James L. Gatten)
Sonny Cash - Psychic Cigarette (James Wilson Jr.)
Kay Weaver - The Gasoline Engine (Robert Geertz)
Ralph Lowe - Of The U.S.A. (Mrs. R.M. Broecker)
Ralph Lowe - Believe In God Until You Die (George D. Baucum)
Kay Weaver - The Hill (Nancy L. Abel)
Ralph Lowe - Thank You, Mr. Seward (Chester Jackson)
Ralph Lowe - Mr. Destroyer (Mrs. Josie A. Jenkins)
Lee Scott - Blue Jean Stringbean (Gertrude W. Bravender)
Ralph Lowe - My Life Is Too Short (Masao Miyashita)
Ralph Lowe - The Fights (Hubert Capleton)
Ralph Lowe - You Better Cool It, Baby (Louis Belle)
Lee Scott - Love In A Ring (Amy Mattson)
Lee Scott - That Kind Of Girl (Carla Baca)
Ralph Lowe - I've Been In Trouble (Charles J. Kastelberg)

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