Sonntag, 2. November 2014

November 2014

Playlist 22.00-23.00 Uhr:
der eiserne vorhang - franzi
mark hoffman bros. - unbroken but blue
mark hoffman bros. - changing winds
mick beard - smokescreen
mick beard - does anything matter
saeko suzuki - happy families
j.e. sumrell - pandamonium strikes when good taste shows up at the madonna show (panda bear #1)
j.e. sumrell - bongo billy bags a big babe (panda bear #2)
the poozies - love on a farmboys wages
ralf ebeling - down in mexico
ralf ebeling - come closer
mick beard - big kid
mick beard - don't take life
drone forest vs. andy partridge

Playlist 23.00-24.00 Uhr:
crash test dummies - the ballad of peter pumpkinhead
fear the sky - make me god
an sias  - extacy (rough incomplete)
trash can sinatras - senses working overtime
mick beard - shallow
mick beard - you never know
iva davies & icehouse - complicated game
j.e. sumrell - wish i didn't care
j.e. sumrell - why can't i have you (remix)
ralf ebeling - perfect stranger
ralf ebeling - and nobody worried about me
mick beard - shattered
mick beard - be your own man
drone forest vs. xtc frost circus

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