Samstag, 9. März 2013

Tonight's the night - Die lange Nacht mit Musik von Neil Young

In der Nacht von Freitag den 8.3. auf Samstag den 9.3. von 00.00 bis ca. 05.20 Uhr gab es die Lange Nacht von Endlosrille und Brotbeutel, also von Christoph Abée und mir, nur mit Musik von Neil Young. Hier die Playlist:
Tonight's the night (1975)
Sleeps with angels (1994)
The needle and the damage done (1972)
Old laughing lady (original mix) (1968)
Long may you run (Stills-Young Band) (1976)
Rocking in the free world (electric) (1989)
We r in control (1982)
-Auszug aus Biografie "Ein Hippie-Traum"
This note's for you (1988)
Vampire blues (1974)
Mystery train (1983)
Daddy went walkin' (2000)
Farmer John (1990)
Mansion on the hill (1990)
Aurora (The Squires) (1963)
Down by the river (1969)
Crime in the city (Sixty to Zero Part I) (1989)
Will to love (1977)
Opera star (1981)
-Interview mit Jens Dreiser
-Auszug aus Biografie "Ein Hippie-Traum"
Guitar Solo, No. 1 (Dead man soundtrack) (1996)
He was the king (2005)
Get back to the country (1985)
I am a child (Buffalo Springfield) (1968)
Hey hey my my (Human highway version w/ DEVO) (1982)
Arc (1991)
Like a hurricane (unplugged) (1993)
-Auszug aus Biografie "Ein Hippie-Traum"
I don't want to talk about it (Crazy Horse) (1971)
After the goldrush (1970)
This land is your land (2012)
Let's impeach the president (2006)
Psychedelic pill (2012)
Cortez the killer (live) (1979)
Big time (1996)
Ohio (live) (CSNY) (1971)
Angry world (2010)
-Auszug aus Biografie "Ein Hippie-Traum"
Long Road (Pearl Jam) (1995)
Transformer man (1982)
Words (1972)
Coupe de ville (1988)
Weight of the world (1986)
Ordinary people (2007)
From Hank to Hendrix (unplugged) (1993)
For what it's worth (Buffalo Springfield) (1967)
A day in a live (live @ Glastonbury) (2009)

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